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"The Automatic Retractable Basketball Hoop"
Auto Hoop and Hide A Hoop were developed with your indoor court and home's appearance in mind.  Nobody likes to look at those unsightly portable or attached hoops to the house nor play racquetball with a basketball hoop in the court.  

With our patented hoops,  basketball equipment is revolutionized. 

Simply press a button to deploy a backboard and hoop, through 
a small covered opening. Press the button again to automatically retract the apparatus inside. It's that simple!   

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6,508,730... Issued January 21, 2003;   6,736,741... Issued May 18, 2004; 7,094,16 Issued August 22, 2006; 7,393,292   Issued July 1, 2008......Additional Patents Pending... 

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